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Welcome to Grand Master Yoon’s World Tae
Kwon Do College
, located in Denver, Colorado.
Here at WTC, we follow the philosophy of the
World Taekwondo Federation, founded in 1973.
In our daily classes, we teach a balance of forms,
sparring, technique and character development.
Master Yoon
encourages multi-level training, meaning, all
students, from white belt to black belt train
together during class time.
Train for tournaments at the Do Jang.

Increase your level of achievement in martial

Learn lifetime values and skill.

Share your passion for Tae Kwon Do!
World Tae Kwo Do College has an open
training environment. We teach students of
all ages.

World Tae Kwo Do College trains children 8
years old and up.

World Tae Kwo Do College trains young
adults and college students.

World Tae Kwo Do College trains adult