Master Han Kyu Yoon
(8th Degree Black Belt)

* Instructing since 1968
* Korean National Champion '69
* Police Department TKD Instructor
* Military Academy Instructor
* Korean Army Instructor - Tiger Dev. in Viet Nam
* One of the few instructors who teaches at all levels
Master Jeffrey V. Maher
(5th Degree Blackbelt)

*24 years TKD Experience all with Master Yoon
*4 Year NCAA Varsity Wrestler, Team Captain 1980
*Multiple Colorado TKD Championships 1989-2000
*Hand to Hand Self Defense Instructor – Saturdays
*MBA Business Management 1988, BA History 1980
*Technology Sales Executive – 30 years
*Hard Work and Dedication produce Success in Life
Instructor Jim Chappell

* 2nd Degree Black Belt in WTF tradition.
* MD Degree, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX
Assist. Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of
Colorado School of Medicine, Denver CO.
* Assist. Professor of Clinical Medicine, Rocky Vista
University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Parker CO.
Instructor WTC since 2009
* Main goals are to help students develop respect, self
confidence and the desire to preserver in any challenge
they face in life!
Instructor Tao Thai
(3rd Degree Black Belt)

*3rd degree black belt in ITF tradition
*Master degree in Buddhist Studies at Naropa
University, Boulder, CO
*Instructing at WTC since 2006
*Main goals are to use Taekwondo as a tool to improve
students academic discipline and to better communities.
09_Chun-Ji-Hyung_______White High
08_Tan-Gun Hyung_____Yellow
07_To-San Hyung______Yellow High
06_Won-Hyo Hyung_____Green
05_Yul-Kok Hyung______Green High
04_Cgung-Gun Hyung___Blue
03_Toi-Gye Hyung______Blue High
02_Hwa-Rang Hyung____Red
01_Chung-Mu Hyung____Red High